Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kinpira Gobo Preview

I am just going to dive right into whatever meals I have been preparing and eating lately...

So tonight's dinner is going to be my first post.

Tonight I am making a simple traditional Japanese recipe that is one of my very favorite dishes to prepare and eat: Kinpira Gobo.

Kinpira is a style of Japanese cooking where you braise the food in a hot oiled pan and after the food is partially cooked you add some water, cover it, and let is steam and simmer until the food is finished cooking. It is a wonderful way to lock in flavor and makes for a wonderful base style for many ingredient combinations.

Gobo is called "Bardana" in Italian. In English we call it Burdock root. It is a long root, with a sweet, deep, earthy flavor. I tell people that it is like a cross between a carrot and a potato. It is related to globe artichokes, lettuce, chicory root, and a south america root vegetable called "yacon."

RECIPE to follow...

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